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Do you remember    Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride? That should NOT be your entrusted communications partner. So at best – you don’t know which 50% of your marketing matters? What if it is not a full 50% and or you know in your gut that you can do better? Learn More


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Advantages & Benefits for Clients

Ascendant Advertising and Communications provides a full spectrum of marketing services. We adjoin best-in-class talent that is customized by selection to ideally satisfy what you want and need. This increases the effectiveness of the work product while utilizing resources efficiently. Simply said, you get best-in-class results that are very cost effective. We are NOT a menu of options at a price. Our creative passion is uniquely blended with sound business principles, planned vision, and pragmatism. Additionally, Ascendant Advertising & Communications Agency gets results for our clients with the central belief that meaningful promotion should be affordable and efficient; and that your top line revenue generated from our services should contribute to your bottom line profit improvement…


dear to: “Ascendant Advertising and Communications believes tapping into culture often beats operational strategies and that establishing targeted consumer Lve marks together is stronger than just building a brand.

PS: Don’t drink the cool-aid of the latest creative vibe. AKA the sizzle – not the steak. Great creative and communications is art-form that we believe is at its best when IT’S transactional, cash flow positive, and functional. 

Lve marks together.



Healthcare marketing is in our blood.

Plus, we’ve got a great CV filled with Urgent Care experience = Think Patient First…for starts since that was our initial success story. Magic can be an illusion or an inquisitive result – BTW: we have no skills with illusion and we love delivering tangibles.

Case Study in-Brief:  URGENT CARE MEDICAL CENTERS CHALLENGE: How to get rid of “Doc in the Box” reputation; move brand up market; expand services; fend off competition; enter new markets; overcome substandard volume at exitsting locations; bring new locations to profitability in less than 5-years.

RESULT:  Patient Volume more than Doubled for Same-Store locations. Number of new, wholly owned Medical Centers increased 110% to 35 and then reached 50 within 18 months thereafter. All new locations at 5-year goals within 12-14 months. Brand awareness, patient trust, and value more than tripled. Revenue more than tripled. Cash flow and Profitrespectfully confidential. That’s merely the surface. ALL in just 4-Years of new marketing programs leadership that was in step with great operations and processes. We are not going brag too much and don’t want to give away our knowledge nor reveal our stragies randomly on-line. –


To learn more detail about this success and how we can assist you, please contact Ascendant Advertising and Communications .


       DIRECT RESPONSE         MARKETING SOLUTIONS. Dare 2b Successful…

By Definition:  Direct marketing is a component of marketing communications that sends messages directly to consumers, using “addressable” media, such as mail and or email/ e-messaging. Therefore, direct marketing differs from regular advertising in that it does not place its messages on a third party medium, or in the agora, such as a billboard or a radio commercial would. Instead, the marketing of the service or commodity is addressed directly to the consumer. Direct marketing is attractive to many of our clients because its effectiveness can usually be readily measured. For example, if an agency/client chooses to send out one million solicitations by mail, and ten thousand customers respond to the promotion, you can conclude with some confidence that the campaign led to the responses. By contrast, measurement of other media must be indirect, since there is no direct response from a consumer. With over 20-years of printing and packaging manufacturing + marketing leadership accountabilities as well as over 10-years in web development, fulfillment, direct mail, and e-commerce:

We have in-depth experience with print and web communications from the source. As such, we are able to maximize quality while mimizing costs to our clients. _________________________________

To learn how we have significantly reduced the cost per unit of direct mail on behalf of clients: click here .

To learn how we will improve your on-line marketing results while reducing your cost of customer acquision: click here .


 Low Cost – High Yield MARKETING SOLUTIONS. Dare 2b Successful…

By Definition:  Low Cost – High Yield Marketing allows you to connect with prospects in a natural, unobtrusive way. It relies on attracting customers through education and openness instead of through disruptive, self-serving marketing techniques. Done right, it lets you combine all of your marketing channels into a cohesive, well-oiled machine that generates more leads with less effort AND less cost per customer acquisition.

There are five main pillars:

1.  Being discovered by ensuring your visibility across multiple online and regional market channels

2.  Converting visitors into leads

3.  Closing business by nurturing leads into customers

4.  Developing viral/ organic reach

5.  Analyzing results to improve decision making and ROI of the initiatives

The more traditional (and more expensive) approach of outbound marketing can be generalized as paying to have advertisements – usually with a self declarative message – distributed over a set length of time and within finite channels. While these elements can and often do provide transactional value if applied correctly – they typically have a shelf life and limited reach that is determined by a known geographical targeted area. Plus, you pay for the creative ad and then you pay for placement and distribution of it. By comparison, Low Cost – High Yield Marketing has a potentially global reach and an endless visibility/ distribution along with geo-target focus. Moreover, many of the elements involved are not static and they can even be interactive. These include: social media marketing videos that can drive traffic to your website; on-line videos that can be testimonials – a commercial – how to infomercials – etc; YouTube; blogging; forums; webinars; email; promotions targeted to attracting new customers while also building a following; – as well as other methods that are all digitally based. Plus, these digital elements can be linked to more traditional methods such as direct response. Your “on-line” cost is generally in the production of the content and or the time involved with managing the vehicle being used, only. We excel in cost effectiveness for the other elements too.


Case(s) overview in-Brief:  What to spend, where to spend it, and what will I get from each $?

CHALLENGES:   While Director of Marketing & Public Relations – a job I absolutely loved doing – for THE largest if not one of the largest Medical providers in multiple states – I was asked early in my term a defining question by the three top level executives. They inquired, “How you would choose to spend an allocation of $10,000 for marketing events? Would you bring in Barry Bonds for a few hours to sign autographs and to be the signature personality at a field day or would you spread the money around for multiple events? Remember, we don’t like spending money for nonsense/marketing stuff.” My answer was – and remains – “that decision depends upon the reputation of the celebrity – for this example Barry Bonds – and how much free media coverage could be obtained before, during, and after the event as well as how many people will attend as measured against each dollar spent. By comparison – we’d also need to determine how much spread and layered viral, planned, and organic reach would likely be achievable with multiple – and potentially diverse – events. In short, it’s about connecting with the target market, longevity of messaging, and optimizing top of mind awareness along with strong public relations interaction.” Off-line, I intuitively felt that at least skipping Barry Bonds as an option was probably an almost zero opportunity cost risk… yet, it’s about the to-be-determined cost-benefit ratio – about the numbers – and certainly not about me, so I was staying 100% open minded until we could take measure of the impact. They abandoned the ideation and we went forward with – dare I say with genuine humility – great “new” marketing and public relations strategies/ approaches, cross-functional teamwork, and business development results… RESULTS: 

With that backdrop… Okay. You’re a small or medium size company that has fantastic product(s) and or service(s). Yet – even being one the best offerings – you are finding it difficult to overcome larger competitors who have greater scale and a wide marketing reach. So what’s a business in this situation to do to get the word out? #1 solution: Inbound marketing is a solid way for small and medium sized business to be competitive. While the term may seem unfamiliar the concept is not. In the non-digital/ non-internet connected past, this form of marketing relied on word-of-mouth, some form of public/community relations, non-paid endorsements, and – if possible – newspaper articles about your company and its offerings. The premise behind the approach: gain an advantage without spending a lot of capital.

Today – this tactic remains alive and well – although the elements of implementation have shifted. Yes, the aforementioned can and is still part of the mix, but wait – there’s more! At Ascendant Advertising and Communications we refer to “Low Cost – High Yield Marketing” because dollar for dollar spent on communications this is one of most cost efficient ways to generate new – establish proof of concept – and expand existing business. Ascendant Advertising and Communications recommends a layered and combined approach that includes both outbound and Low Cost – High Yield marketing to drive your business development results. Likewise, we suggest any digital content be made to a professional standard to best reflect your enterprise value and to best compete.

We are available to assist you with implementing and managing effective strategy and tactics – whether it’s Low Cost – High Yield or Outbound Marketing or both. And remember – what you post on YouTube will very possibly stay on YouTube forever and whatever you make available through digital format is accessible by the entire world… so you want to get it right and we can be sure it is.

To explore and learn more: Plans and Pricing / Contact Asendant Adverting and Communictions .

We look forward to hearing from you.

What we hear in NAY?

We prioritize listening to you. All of us at Ascendant greatly value understanding your business and your actionable opportunities. Another priority is collaborating with you to establish measurable, defined goals before beginning work as your consultant, as your creative spirit, and as your marketplace voice within selected channels.



We start your initiative by gathering consumer marketing information from, and about, the people important to your success. We already know through experience that a tailor-made plan will move you beyond building brand awareness to actually influencing buyer behavior.

Our business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) marketing teams help find your strongest voice, strengthen it – then makes sure your true voice and value is heard in your most important venues.

1. Identify your reasons-to-believe.
2. Identify your customer touch-points.
3. Determine influential touch-points.
4. Design the optimal experience.
5. Analyze the competition.
6. Align processes to consistently deliver.
7. Make good happen.

Your brand image creates expectations. It defines who you are, how you operate, and how you’re different from your competitors. In essence, your brand image is a promise – a promise that must be kept. If the brand is a promise you make, then the customer experience is the fulfillment of that promise. The customer experience can’t be left to chance. It should be actively designed and controlled in a manner that enhances your brand image. It must consistently reinforce the brand promise across every customer touch-point or the value of the brand itself is at risk.



Your Ascendant Agency team believes culture can be more powerful than strategy and that effective branding must tap into culture. We will keep your messaging focused to be certain that all communications for all touch points reflect a defined and uinified cultural connection.   Our approach delivers integrated and layered marketing elements that present clear, compelling messaging to a mix of targeted, high-impact media channels. ________________

It’s not for all market segments nor is it unilaterally appropriate for all enterprises – yet, the effectiveness, the progressiveness, and the value of cross-cultural marketing is stronger today than just a few years ago. Moreover, we think it will be an even more significant part of the mix 10-years from now. With the US Census predicting that 80% of population growth over the next five years attributed to what have traditionally been known as minority groups, the American consumer landscape is changing. Plus, the immigration influence – legal or otherwise – is undeniable.” The past year has been filled with talk about virtues and issues associated with the concept of total market advertising. This evolving lexicon is infiltrating the agency side of the business. Increasingly – agencies focused on Hispanic, African-American and Asian segments are adopting monikers like “cross-cultural agency” to describe themselves and have gone out of their way to label new ethnic assignments as “total market” agency of record assignments.

Think about it: Coca-Cola’s touching and diverse “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl ad (which sparked online political controversy) provided a high-profile example of the debate occurring in ad land regarding these different marketing models. Many ad industry folks touted the TV spot/campaign as a great example of the total market approach in action. By comparison, I see it as an example of what we see as the future of advertising – cross-cultural marketing. Cross-Cultural Marketing – one marketing program that leverages ethnic markets to reach across ethnic and general markets. The difference between cross-cultural and total market approach advertising is subtle, but important.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a Recipe for Marketing Success?

rating ★★★★★ reviews 3,771

1 – be honest with yourself when assessing your competitive landscape
1 – candid understanding of your strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, threats (s.w.o.t)
1 – modest public relations program
1 – jar of salsa with chipotle
4 – marketing communications elements: print, web, direct mail, broadcast
5 – notable things that your business does best
1 – set a reasonable budget for marketing plan
1 – Ascendant Advertising & Communications partnership


•    Mix together your thoughts & ideas for all ingredients.
•    Let sit for two days.
•    Contact Ascendant Advertising & Communications.
•    Retain Ascendant Advertising & Communications.
•    Keep an open mind and be realistic.
•    Establish programs and methods with Ascendant.
•    Implement.
•    Season and adjust to taste.
•    Serve and prepare to smile.

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  Ascendant Advertising & Communications provides value added services by listening and understanding your exact needs. We work hard to exceed expectations by exploring inspiring designs, creating effective campaigns and engaging the target audience. Our exceptionally talented creative team is dedicated to producing outstanding results. Each team member is handpicked because of the strengths they bring to Ascendant Agency clients and we give them the opportunity to fulfill their potential on every activity.

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Perhaps you will find Plans and Pricing section helpful as well .


ALL POWERFUL R.O.I.Marketing– – –

_ _
See and Feel YOUR MUSIC Our creative team loves a challenge. Whether you require a catalogue to showcase your productsCello - arms - paintnet or an eye-catching brochure, our designers will develop attention-grabbing literature that deliver results.


 CLIENT SUCCESS, INTEGRITY, CREDIBILITY & VALUE. Our creative passion is uniquely blended with sound business principles, planned vision, and pragmatism. Additionally, Ascendant Advertising & Communications gets results for clients with the central belief that meaningful promotion should be affordable and efficient; and that your top-line revenue generated from our services should contribute to your bottom-line profit improvement.


 We prioritize listening to you. All of us at Ascendant greatly value understanding your business and your actionable opportunities. Another priority is collaborating with you to establish measurable, defined goals before beginning work as your consultant, as your creative spirit, and as your marketplace voice within selected channels.


“Influencer and customer relations is our top priority.” Ascendant Advertising & Communications. Here to help. Get a hand driving meaningful and measureable results across the entire communications landscape, including paid, earned, shared and owned media. Outbound and Inbound communications… We’ll shout it from the rooftops or whisper it to a few—whatever it takes. Paid: Digital marketing, paid search, traditional advertising Earned: Public relations, media relations, investor relations, advocacy outreach, public affairs, and innovative creative solutions. All are part of your services mix…getting RESULTS is our heartbeat and blood…

Begin your ascent. Start the journey. Contact Ascendant now or continue the adventure by exploring some core competencies that Ascendant Advertising & Communications Agency affords our clients.





How we work is about your objectives and our approach. Function vs Style is also important. 804.938.9339 or Contact.
A phone call to talk directly or at least an email is favored as the best way toward building the definition of good.


Also – we don’t think in terms of “growing” a businss. It’s not an earthly vegetation. Instead, you validate, define, nurture, expand, and further develop it. The central element for success – which is to keep innovating and evolving – is always in the minds of your Ascendant. We cringe when folks claim they will “help you grow your business” – it’s more important than that phrase. We speak in terms of improving and expanding your business. Just sayin. Enough said.

Market Focus, Expertise, and Elements
  Dare 2b Successful…


The following are areas of focus for which we are known and respected:

  • Healthcare Marketing Solutions
  • Consumer Marketing Solutions
  • Business to Business Marketing Solutions
  • Low Cost – High Yield Marketing Soltuions


Communications elements within each category listed above include:

  • Branding and Positions
  • Direct Response/ Direct Mail
  • Print
  • Broadcast
  • Public and Community Relations
  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Website
  • Creative Origination/ Design
  • Outdoor
  • Media Placement
  • Media Planning
  • SEO / SEM


To explore and learn more:  Plans and Pricing  /  Contact Asendant Adverting and Communictions .

We look forward to hearing from you.


Specialty: WHAT we see in EYES

As important as seeing things through the client’s eyes is the ability to see things through your audience’s eyes.   Our marketing and creative professionals share such a dynamic range of experience in various industries and levels of business. As a collective whole, they/ we represent an impressive library of market insight, human behavior, and common sense.


Productive marketing is a result of productive planning.


Your dedicated team of talent is selected commensurate with your goals, challenges, ideas, and budget – plus: you’ll be supported by over 25-years of executive leadership experience. Being with Ascendant Advertising & Communications you adjoin the best talent that is customized to ideally satisfy what you want and need. This increases the effectiveness of the work product while utilizing resources efficiently. Simply said, you get best-in-class results that are very cost effective.

…Enter online reputation managers.

Yet, there can also be impactful downsides to social media over-sharing. Consider that we have only limited control on how we appear on The WEB. On-line marketing can and will improve reach, awareness, branding, and customer engagement – this happens more readily when it is scaled and executed proportionately with your objectives. Targeted and managed properly you win – and if done wrongly… well?


Part PR gurus, part tech experts, our associates specialize in providing online makeovers—often by burying negative search results and promoting content that accentuates a client’s desired image.


Most clients have a mixture of promotional activities but tend to favor one over the others.

That main emphasis is generally determined by the external environment as well as by certain aspects of your company’s products, services, approach, trends, budget, and markets.

Some factors Ascendant Advertising & Communications considers when formulating a plan and measuring its effectiveness upon meeting your goals include:

  • The Nature of the Market
  • The Nature of the Product
  • Stage in the Product Life-cycle
  • Stage in Adoption Process
  • Commpetitive Parity
  • Market Share
  • Percentage of Sales
  • Promotional Mix
  • Push vs Pull Strategies

Ascendant Advertising & Communications firmly believes in monitoring and measuring the campaign deliverables to determine the return on investment, to make adjustments if appropriate, and to maintain the most advantageous emphasis.


  A new era of engagement »

A constant flow of new technology, new thinking, and new ideas.

It is clear to us all that the world is changing rapidly.

Digital has given rise to a whole new world of brand and communications engagement. Marketing is now much more integrated, interactive and experiential. It is no longer top-down, one-way, mass-audience and simply focused on building awareness. Instead, it is more targeted and personalized, designed to seed stories and stimulate people-to-people communication. It spreads ideas and content and ultimately builds advocacy.

Today’s challenge is how to build strong, engaging brand experiences.
Ascendant Advertising & Communications focuses on branding and site-use sophistication. We provide high internet visibility and reach. With a firm understanding of the client’s vision, our web design teams readily present bold and creative ideas and then bring those ideas to vivid internet life.
The ultimate goal is to increase your revenue while enhancing your profit.
Specialty: RESEARCH

Research isn’t just measuring performance of campaigns, perceptions, and marketing elements – it is also important to exploring, quantifying, and qualifying strategies before you begin investing.

Good research should be flexible and adapted to each client’s unique goals and to the dynamic nuances of the market space.

Ascendant Advertising & Communications values the psychology and the science of decision making. We recognize that there are vast elements that factor into making a choice or selection. These transcend industries and categorical definitions. Nothing should be assumed. We believe that understanding the emotional underpinnings of why someone buys is informative and beneficial when grasping how to connect and communicate with them.

Understanding consumer behavior affords stronger marketing communications and also provides assigning the most effective talent to further your services. The benefit derived is that your analytical work isn’t being done by someone whose knowledge-base is derived.

Ascendant Advertising & Communications recognizes both the values and the pitfalls of prioritizing promotion of brands in the various social media platforms like blogs, social networking sites, Q&A sites, discussion forums, micro blogs, etc. We have the resourcefulness to optimize the pluses and to minimize the negatives.


Social Media is a massive element of communication within societies around the world. Some even say it is the most Global distribution of a ‘product’ ever.

While the potential for reaching many is great – when used for business purposes, social media can be a great benefit, it can also prove to be a significant resource drain and filled with diminishing returns on investment. Your enterprise needs you to lead and manage it. That alone is the greatest value. Ascendant Advertising & Communications can readily handle the promotion as a member of your team. Social Media can and will improve reach, awareness, branding, and customer engagement – this happens more readily when it is scaled and executed proportionately with your objectives. Targeted and managed properly you win – and if done wrongly… well?

Ascendant Advertising & Communications values social media as complementary element to primary marketing initiatives and also as a conduit to improving your enterprise awareness. We measure and evaluate effectiveness – adapt – revise – expand social media messaging seamlessly while you manage your organization.


The Ascendant Agency Services Ethos. __________________________________ It’s about YOU.

If your marketing and communications did not make your mark and achieve results… then you have not yet worked with Ascendant.