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…What if

your marketing only put your name out there, then a simply typed-in box would be all that was needed… communications would still consist of using sandwich boards and putting simple posters in windows or perhaps the barber pole would still be in fashion. Truth is, if no one knows you are there and or if no one connects with your enterprise value, then how can you expect to succeed in a saturated world of multi-channel marketing initiatives? There is a relationship between crowded business spectrums and opportunity.
Good marketing delivers opportunity now and – with integrity – for the future as well. Moreover, while some PR is serendipitous – to be effective and constructive most is planned and measured. From advertising to public and community relations – all elements and channels in a campaign should and will have influence. As such, whether they are free of charge at the front end or not, there is always a material good or bad return with the audience. To better understand the Ascendant Advertising and Communications approach, Read Entire Article.

The Ascendant Agency Services Model

Ascendant Advertising & Communications provides value added services by listening and understanding your exact needs. We also work hard to exceed expectations by exploring inspiring designs, creating effective campaigns and engaging the target audience. Likewise, we are always cognative of costs and the yield for dollars spent. Our exceptionally talented creative team is dedicated to producing outstanding results. Each team member is handpicked because of the strengths they bring to Ascendant Agency clients and we give them the opportunity to fulfill their potential on every activity.

EPANDING yourenterprise SUCCESS.

…is as important to us as it is to you. 

We know having effective Marketing Communications is a vital component to achieving progressive results. Likewise, so is being business savvy. Before “going creative” for you, we prioritize understanding your business and the pragmatic cost-benefits of the work product that Ascendant Advertising & Communications will provide.

So, with that said, here’s perhaps the simplest, most jargon-free, definition of marketing you may ever experience:

If the circus is coming to town and – as the communications agency for the business owner – you purchase and post signs, billboards – commercials – radio, etc. that say ‘Circus Coming to the Showground Saturday’, that’s advertising.

If you then put a sign on the back of an elephant and walk it into town, that’s promotion.

If the elephant walks through that town’s mayor’s flower bed and the local newspaper writes a story about it and if that same paper mentions in their article that you contribute to a local animal shelter, that’s publicity. Plus, if you get the mayor to laugh about it, that’s public relations – especially if you get a photo opp.

Thereafter, when the town’s citizens go to the circus, team members show them the many entertainment booths, explain how much fun they’ll have spending money at those booths, answer their questions and ultimately, they spend a lot of money at the circus, that’s sales, which should increase profitability.

In conclusion, the circus owner might summarize that the aforementioned was a stroke of good fortune. Not so fast…

IF the whole thing was planned and managed properly, that’s effective MARKETING.


Team Leader

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HEALTHCARE marketingsolutions.

Humanizing your brand is more important than ever.

Content marketing has been called the newest trend in healthcare. We struggle with affirming that declaration since Ascendant Advertising & Communications has been leading this approach for many years. Yet, are you ready for it?

Not many physicians have heard of content marketing. Frankly, in our view, it’s a new term–probably created by social media and Internet marketing types–for an already established way to keep current patients engaged while also attracting new patients.

Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of content for the purpose of acquiring customers. It is the art of communicating with customers and prospects without selling.

We appreciate the designation ‘content marketing’ and believe the attention it’s getting is justified – especially in healthcare. In fact, Ascendant Agency is very experienced with content marketing and we have been delivering measurable performance results for medical practices commensurate with this approach for many years.

Having so much technology and so many channels of influence today, consumers are now less motivated by promotional marketing than they were in the past. They routinely ignore advertisements- whether those are on-line, on the radio or television, or even in magazines and newspapers unless those ads have immediate relevance and or are catchy. Plus, most of our clients don’t have the resources to over saturate running their promotional communications as is done by the likes of GEICO, pharmaceutical companies, Unilever, and others.

So, how does content marketing work?…


Team Leader

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KEEPING thecontact ALIVE.

Being in touch with your prospective and existing customer is essential.

We devise and implement successful marketing strategies to maximize communications results. The recognition that successful marketing requires useful information has given rise to the use of what many of us call Marketing Information Systems (MIS). Not Management Information Systems. No doubt, in this digital age most would equate MIS with a computer department or software (and that is true). Yet – instead, we think of it also as a set of procedures and methods for regular, planned collection, analysis, and summation of data used to make marketing decisions and set priorities as well as budgets. Although MIS almost always involves computer use, one is not always necessary. What is required is the planned, orderly, and continuous collection, analysis, and presentation of the correct information for marketing decisions. Thus, though unlikely to be the source, a library with its reference sources or an employee armed with a file cabinet can be the considered a marketing information system.

The concept of an MIS can be all marketers–not merely by large firms such as Proctor & Gamble or American Airlines, but also by a local physician medical practice or even a small grocery store or restaurant.

Another difference between marketing research and MIS arises from how data is collected. Data from marketing research usually comes from external sources while the MIS relies more heavily on data generated within the firm (e.g. VIP program members, sales, customer profiles, etc.).

Market Research is; however, an important component of MIS – along with three others; namely, Internal Records; Marketing Intelligence; and Marketing Decision Support System.

Perhaps by now you are wondering what any of this has to do with your business activity or marketing…


Team Leader

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SOCIAL   MEDIA… is         NOW.

Whether you are a Facebook fanatic or Twitter skeptic, social media is undeniably one of the biggest forms of instant communication between individuals and businesses.

Additionally, it was concluded that social shopping is gaining traction, with well over 30% of social network users around the world claiming to have purchased an item directly via a social media platform. And social elements – such as online reviews – have increased their influence in the purchasing process: more than 66% of shoppers read them when buying online and at least – 36% when shopping in-store.

Yep, now you are thinking and concluding Ascendant Advertising and Communications thinking – talking – and actions! Your traditional marketing communications will need to evolve and adapt to Ascendant Style.

Social Media is a massive element of communication within societies around the world. Some even say it is the most Global distribution of a ‘product’ ever.

While the potential for reaching many is great – when used for business purposes, social media can be a great benefit, it can also prove to be a significant resource drain and filled with diminishing returns on investment. Your enterprise needs you to lead and manage it. That alone is the greatest value. Ascendant Advertising & Communications can readily handle the promotion as a member of your team.


Team Leader

Ascendant Advertising and Communications, Read Entire Article

A company’s brand is one of its most valuable assets. BRAND exhibits your strengths, your position in the market place and it can be the determining factor whether a potential client and or customer chooses you or your competitor. Favicon - Star - 3 2 14 - 7 25 14 - no bkgrnd paintnet Your brand identity sets you apart from your competitors and helps you to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Your Ascendant Agency is highly adept at developing unique brands and compelling messages that attract ideal target audiences. Whether you are launching a new product or re-branding a well-established business, we can create a contemporary identity that promotes long-term success.

Founder, Ascendant Advertising and Communications

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See and Feel
Our creative team loves a challenge. Whether you require a catalogue to showcase your productsCello - arms - paintnet or an eye-catching brochure, our designers will develop attention-grabbing literature that deliver results.


ALL POWERFUL R.O.I.Marketing– – –

Greater attention to cash-flow management is leading many businesses to adopt return on investment (R.O.I.) analysis for their marketing costs. Smart companies know that quantifying the return on marketing activities goes far beyond determining whether a particular investment falls in the plus or minus column. What’s important is the ability to analyze the results in a way that enables marketing activities to be sharpened and refined.

Using our knowledge, experience, and perceptions together with strategic relationships with specialists in the field, we constantly strive to determine for our clients how effective their individual marketing activities have been and then to advise them how to optimize future investments.



Founder, Ascendant Advertising and Communications

If your marketing and communications did not make your mark and achieve results… then you have not yet worked with Ascendant.