Before & Upon founding Ascendant Advertising and Communications…

Advantages & Benefits for Clients

Before founding Ascendant Advertising & Communications, I had a boss/ manager (not leader) who took great self-flattery when saying “marketing is an activity that is a necessary evil; advertising is a subjective expense; while public relations is free.” Moreover, these opinions came from MBA’s in marketing, and even phds and above… hey, what’s up with that less than success attitude?
Similarly, I heard many agencies decry while bragging on the same.


Since we favor style and grace – those opinions will be henceforth attributed to those whom speak them and instead I am moving forward with sharing my view of the elements.

Then again, over and again, I also hear businesses and even consultants claim that advertising is an investment. While that is true – when their marketing elements and or campaigns are unsuccessful, those same groups – call it an unnecessary waste of resources. In literal context – actually – Marketing cannot be both. ________________________________________________________________________________

dear to: YOU,“Ascendant Advertising… as experienced and pragmatic business people first – that likewise enjoy going ‘creative’ – the team at Ascendant Advertising and Communications views marketing – advertising – public relations as a cost, as overhead, as a potential drain on EBITIDA. In other words, it is a capital spend that must first improve PROFITABILITY then CASH FLOW – then SALES – then feel good for our clients’ enterprise. Yet, like electricity and effective process – marketing communications should also be viewed as a critical component to operating success. And, as with solid operating efficiency – marketing must execute effectively to provide the greatest contribution to your bottom line, both today and in the future.

So, with that said, here’s perhaps the simplest, most jargon-free, definition of marketing you may ever experience:



If the circus is coming to town and – as the chief promo coordinator for the business owner – you hire Ascendant Advertising and Communications to arrange/ purchase and post signs, billboards – commercials – radio, etc. that say ‘Circus Coming to the Showground Saturday’…that’s advertising.


If you then also hire Ascendant to put a sign on the back of an elephant and walk it into town…that’s promotion.


If the elephant walks through that town’s mayor’s flower bed and the local newspaper writes a story about it (with the truthful guidance and clarity input from Ascendant Advertising and Communications) and if that same paper mentions, accordingly, in their article that you contribute to a local animal shelter…that’s publicity. Plus, if WE get the mayor to laugh about it…that’s public relations – especially if you get a photo opp.

Thereafter, when the town’s citizens go to the circus, team members show them the many entertainment booths, explain how much fun they’ll have spending money at those booths, answer their questions and ultimately, they spend a lot of money at the circus…that’s sales, which should increase profitability.

In conclusion, the circus owner might summarize that the aforementioned was a stroke of good fortune. Not so fast…

IF the whole thing was planned and managed properly… THAT’s effective MARKETING and COMMUNICATIONS Ascendant Advertising and Communications Agency style.

_____________________________ Then consult with us to fully understand how to apply professional, successful, and transactional content marketing and promotional marketing with business savvy.
________________________________________________________________________________ As experienced and pragmatic .

If your marketing and communications did not make your mark and achieve results… then you have not yet worked with Ascendant.