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Advantages & Benefits for Clients

As of 2015, consumers around the globe are now using an average of five internet connected devices when making a purchase – up from 2.8 a year ago – as such, the need for brands and retailers to offer an Omni-channel, multi-screen experience has never been more urgent.


Based on a survey of 17,000 adult web users across 17 countries, consumers are even starting to embrace wearable devices – 17% own one – in addition to already being routinely active on computers, Smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

Moreover – potential customers are becoming more comfortable moving beyond traditional e-commerce pre-purchase activities; namely, mobile commerce (28%) and shopping via tablets (20%) is replacing research on a desktop and or a laptop.


dear to: YOU,  This survey also uncovered that in-store pick-up is becoming a particular favorite of shoppers, with 51% taking advantage of click-and-collect services globally, a figure that even jumps to 73% in the UK.
Given the aforementioned trends – of little surprise is that mobile is also increasingly becoming the platform of choice for bargain hunters on the go: “85% of those surveyed now use a Smartphone while in a store; a further 55% of consumers claim that the Smartphone has changed the way they shop altogether.” (No doubt we’ve all seen these folks and wondered, “what are they doing and why?” … which, by itself, is enough to perpetuate the application and validate the model.)
Further, 62% of Smartphone users said they would be happy to use their devices to pay in-store: knock-knock!… enter Apple Pay.
Additionally, it was concluded that social shopping is gaining traction, with 28% of social network users around the world claiming to have purchased an item directly via a social media platform. And social elements – such as online reviews – have increased their influence in the purchasing process: 66% of shoppers read them when buying online and 36% when shopping in-store.
A sure way to the consumer’s pocket, the survey suggested, is personalization. Yep, now you are thinking and concluding Ascendant Advertising and Communications thinking – talking – and actions! Six in ten (62%) respondents said they bought more and/or more often when presented with a personalized retail experience. Once again – we know and can relate to the benefits of this approach.

Wait! There’s more…



Nor was this necessarily limited to online shopping, as 70% also said were more likely to embrace new in-store technologies such as GPS and Wi-Fi tracking if they received customized benefits in return, such as personalized money-off vouchers. Yep!…that’s advertising and promotion.


It remains to be determined which of the “trend” approaches actually become cemented in consumer behavior and psyche. Yet, if only a small portion become the norm – your traditional marketing communications will need to evolve and adapt to Ascendant Style very soon.
IF the whole thing was planned and managed properly… THAT’s effective MARKETING and COMMUNICATIONS Ascendant Advertising and Communications Agency style.
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